Long Range LLC | Wireless Trap Release


Dip Switch Tutorial

Do you want to become more familiar with setting the trap and channel ID on your receivers and transmitters? This video will give you the information needed to set any trap or channel on the R4300 digital receivers as well as the T4300A and T-Series transmitters.

T4300A Tutorial

This video covers the functions of the T4300A and T4300A-V digital transmitters. Learn how to throw single targets, true pairs, and report pairs. Also learn about lock-on mode and how to activate the preprogrammed skeet sequence. 

Counter Tutorial

This video goes over the basic functions of Long Range's counter units. These powerful machines are valuable for club owners and target management. Learn how to fire single targets, true pairs, and simulated report pairs. Also learn how to set delays for the solo shooter oh both card counters and key counters.
T-Series Overview
The T-Series line-up includes the T-3, T-4, T-6 and T-8. Each of these transmitters have an available voice option. This video will show you how to fire single targets, true pairs, report pairs, or all available traps. The video will also show you how to use voice operation and call for targets with the sound of your voice or report of your gun.

MT4300 Tutorial

This video goes over the basic functions of Long Range's 5-stand controller, the MT4300. These controllers are customizable and allow users to program their own 5-stand and Compak menus. Learn how to use these menus as well as manual mode and flush/flurry mode. Also learn about the TargetTag target accountability functions on this controller.