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If you’re looking for high quality and personal service, you’ve come to the right place. At Long Range we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy.
Our flagship product TargetTag formerly TargetKey has become the industry standard at clubs large and small and ensures you get paid and can account for every target thrown. 

​With over 200 installations worldwide, many are custom built to customer specifications.
LT Series
TargetTag 2013 Counting System
4300 Series Transmitters and Receivers
The 4300 Series are manufactured to the highest specifications and include components from Texas Instruments and Atmel Corporation. Circuit board production and assembly are all done here in the United States.

The 4300 Series has taken the place of the old 500 Series which is now no longer produced.

Having increased the capabilities, the 4300 Series now has 255 separate channels or frequencies to ensure no interference between adjacent fields. Each channel can operate 15 trap machines.
LT - Series
The LT Series was developed as an economy unit for the personal user with a couple of traps. It is very simple to hookup and does not use DIP switches.

However with its instant release and true doubles the trap and skeet shooters have given the LT series their seal of approval. Range is about 75 yards but can exceed 100 yards in open space.
The transmitters use a small 23A type battery that will give 12,000 throws.

Voice Activated
For a solo shooter a voice operated system has always been the best way to practice or just have some fun. The Long Range voice operated systems are small and self contained doing away with having to drag pull cords around. When your buddy gets back simply unplug the microphone and the transmitters can be used as normal by pressing the buttons.

Q: Why are our wireless systems better.
A: We use a different Frequency for each shooting stand.
Over the years we have tried nearly all of the wireless protocols available and keep coming back to the same conclusion you must have separate frequencies for each station.
Wireless remotes whether being used with a small 3 button transmitter or a more sophisticated counter system, if they all transmit on the same frequency you will get problems.